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Chomp by rubybeam
I made a sting chameleon askblog here:
please check it out if you have the time to, I reaalllyy wanna invest in this one!
Reploid size comparisions by rubybeam
Reploid size comparisions
Sibling height differences in other words
i just need to throw it into scraps for a thing pff
Meteoriteborne by rubybeam
Awww man this looks way better than Comets now I feel like I might have to redo his
oh well.
Monstars like Comet- born from a meteorite that crashed into earth, however unlike the comet Xenobeing, Monstar just started to form outside the atmosphere so his appearance wasn't as affected by Gaia as Comets was and he turned out more monster-like.
He aims to be a hero like Cometkid but people are rather scared of his monster-like apperance....
Cometborne by rubybeam
I tried to do the anime thing again

anyways have a sort of proper ref for Cometkid. 
He was born from a comet that crashed into the earth.

he's not really human, he's as heavy as a meteroite, and can hit and hit things like one.  He also can change his tempature to be either really hot or cold.
Sorry for the spam all!
about 90% of that went to scraps, so you may want to check it out

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your the homosexual here don't look at me when you clearly looking for yourself
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*Sonic voice* iIl make you eat those words!!
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Grazie for the Fav~ ^^
rubybeam Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2014
No probelm uwu
ImJustAKawaiiTomatoe Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh shoot, read that wrong!! I meant, Thank you for the Llama~!! ;o;
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pff its fine, I figured it was something as much as that
That you for the favourite, my dear o/
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HoneyShuckle Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy birthday ruby! <3 I hope dA starts working for you again soon!
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